Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What I Eat!

Objavljeno 2. maj. 2019
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  • The straight bail arthroscopically expect because art lilly double since a cheap roast. victorious, oafish clock

  • I hate uncooked onions on burgers too lmao

  • I absolutely love the fact you called out the people who do are not content creators. It is challenging at times to find inspiration to do something you want to put out there. So I am with you 110%!

  • Prices have sure gone up since this video! 2 burgers, fries, and a drink for $10.? Now 1 burger is 10.00

  • I love the fact Ryland was like “I wonder what he does he has a really nice expensive car “ but at the same time Rylands G-Wagon is more expensive :p

  • I don’t exactly support chick fil a buuuut their chicken sandwiches are to die for so idk

  • Don't let these people bother you Ryland, people now a days are more sensitive.

  • I don’t like you because you make me have nary and crave inin out but it is 6 on the morning but love you

  • Is it just me did he go on his phone when driving

  • Watching you eat all that makes me so disappointed in my cucumber slices 😂

  • Actually the Chick Fil A here in my town the manager is gay so I'm not sure if they lightened up over the years

  • Ryland you inspired me to make my first youtube video! I tried eating 6 SPICY noodle packets and I would love it if you watched thx!🔥

  • In n out is the only fast food place that makes food that actually looks like the advertisement

  • January 2021. Ryland at his best. My most loved upload. I go back and watch this repeatedly.

  • Love Ryland, Morgan and Shane, but I believe that when you are mentioning hate and how it affects you, you shouldn't bring hate upon Chick filet because you do not agree with their values, just because they are not your personal values. We need to accept each other and respect each others differing views. My values and opinions may not be the same as yours, nor yours mine, but I still respect you and love to watch as all 3 of you's videos respectively. I also don't agree with the cancel Shane movement. People make mistakes and forgiveness is lacking in today's world. This is all said with love in my heart. You all bring some light into some dark days with your joy, and enthusiasm.

  • Sorry, I've watched this before. But why so many dislike 🤔

  • I like in Alaska so idrk anything going on with other fast food chains I mean we just got sonic and getting our second Panda Express so really we don’t have it like others do but what happened with chick-fa-la?? (I am so sorry if I spelt that wrong 😭😭😭😭)

    • I think they started out super homophobic and had anti gay marriage messages and stuff.. not too sure where it originated though but someone is this comment section even said their Chick-fil-A had a gay manager so I assume it's changed now, atleast in some places

  • I love ❤️ you’re channel ❤️😊you are kind wonderful and sweet 😊❤️

  • Can I have his metabolism? 😫

  • I never had watch any of videos before this and I’m happy. You’re the most unoriginal person, I had very seen. No personality and just very annoying.

    • If you are talking about meals then in my country healthy meals are actually cheaper than fast food and junk food. I guess it just depends on the place and the authentic original food there

  • Just one more fries 🍟 Meaning I’m going to turn off the camera and eat them all

  • Fact we are in a world where junk food is cheaper then healthy....yet the health is cheaper to make at home js

  • Rayland never frow because I personally love your smile

  • The tittle should be Ryland Adams making me starve for 24 minutes

  • The tittle should be Ryland Adams making me starve for 24 minutes

  • Ryland can you please do more of this. I eat alone and it makes me so happy to have you eat with me ;___;

  • You are awesome 😎

  • This is such a calming video! Love you Ryland😘

  • Watching you tubers old videos of them out and about without a mask looks so weird I’m thinking in my head why aren’t they wearing masks 😂😂😂😂

  • He is so cute

  • Do people even focus on the intro?🤔

  • I LOVE HIM !!!!!!! Everyone is just jealous

  • 10:14 "omg so thirty" ...takes half a sip. lol!!! hahahaaha

  • Why do I find Ryland biting into the burger satisfying-

  • Ugh hate those haters ther stuped

  • I believe Popeyes is a great substitute for chick fil a.. J's(:

  • They just hating because they jealous

  • I’m eating subway

  • omg im sooo hungry 😭😭

  • T’es but if you have money is beacos you workt for it

  • You need to do more of these type of mukebang videos

  • when he talks, i feel like i’m his friend so i’ll reply saying like “yeah that makes a lot of sense yeah 100%” 💀

  • Why does he still have his seatbelt on tho

  • Im so addicted to your content now and I feel that I used to question whether you were with Shane for the fame or money but the more I see your content.. the more i care less about that (even tho I know you aren’t) and I see how funny and genuine you are through your videos. I also love how you try to improve yourself and have a great attitude !

  • SLnumberrs is LA: Hey, can I just have whatever the person in front of me got? Workers in LA: Oh yeah that’s fine. Anyone in Wisconsin: Can I have whatever the person in front of me got please? Workers in Wisconsin: Wut?

    • Also get what ever the person in front got in la it’s just spinach wrap non gmo blah blah Order in front of me not in la Real food lol and lots of it lol

  • If my family were in front of him he’d have 8 meals lmao

  • I’ve never wanted In n Out so badly in my life. I am debating going out for it right now (at 11:18pm), but I think I will get it for lunch tomorrow. 😍

  • I cant take people serious that dont enjoy raw onions like its a nice different texture on a burger and gives such a nice little tangy hint

    • That's kinda a weird reason to not take someone seriously 😆

  • You shouldn't take the negative comments seriously all the time, everyone's just mad at everything nowadays.

  • Ryland do you respond to comments? I love your videos I hope you’re doin good 💖

  • Can somebody explain why people are obsessed with Chick-fil-A? Because I have tried it one time and it was terrible. For some reason ahead sugar all over the chicken patty. And it had pickles all over the chicken patty which I do not like pickles. So I took one bite, Spit it out, threw it away and then I went over to my Queen Taco Bell.

  • Then do not look that his his job so leave him alone he's supposed to make you want to watch the video gosh

  • why do people care how you spend your OWN money? you worked for it and doing great, why not splurge once in a while or treat yourself if you can. Ryland is a beautiful person and you negative Nancys, gotta go.

  • honestly i was also eating a burger not from a restaurant but still

  • i love these types of vids

  • I love Ryland for his organisation and motivation to deal with life I envyyy😍 Look after yourself Ryland I love youu💕

  • “Can you just like hit repeat?” 😂

  • ii love youu

  • I work at Chick Fil A... we definitely DO NOT prioritize our inside dining! About 70-80% of our sales are in the drive thru alone!

  • I only eat cheeseburgers if they have uncooked onions on them now and I felt personally offended by Ryland

  • Late comment lol but I don’t get why people are/ we’re getting made at you like it your money that you worked for so you should be able to buy whatever you want! People literally just want to hurt someone all the time smh

  • What the heck is fries “animal style”???

  • Ryland eat what you want it's not like the person at the drive-through is gonna be like "ARE YOU GAY" its doesn't matter and chickfila is really good

  • Hopefully its like a family of twenty

  • Ryland is like the rich, yet down to earth, fantastic friend I wish I had. Super spicy on the outside, but sweet on the inside. It makes me sad that people shame him for spending tons of money. He didn’t start out that way, a lot of famous youtubers didn’t start out rich or popular, and when they start making tons of money, they’re obviously gonna have fun spending it. To me he’s never tried to intentionally rub his wealth in our faces. If anyone had an amount of money, I’m sure they’d go out and have fun with it. But all things aside, I’m just glad that he’s happy and in a good place, and I hope he stays his fantasmic self forever ❤️❤️ love ya man.

  • My fav fast food is Burger King. I hate mc donalds, chick filet and Wendy’s

  • boy u haven’t had whataburger yet, it’s so much better than in n out

  • I make noises when I chew good food too!

  • I love chick filet I don’t care what there politics are. Just cause your sleazy boyfriend is such a crybaby doesn’t mean you have to be.

  • the way he eats and licks his finger after every bite i cantttt😂😂😫😫

  • OMG! you worked hard to get where you are today, DO NOT let people tell you otherwise! If the man wants some expensive stuff LET HIM BE!!! ITS HIS MONEY, Life is to short to not enjoy it.

  • I love ryland so much he seems like just such a kind person I think he gets too much hate .

  • You shouldn’t have to justify the things you choose to buy! You know who you are at your core, true fans will love you regardless what you buy! :)

  • Only a psychopath likes in and outs fries.🤮

  • teeth do be brighter than my future tho

  • Apologizing to the internet while eating, what an icon!👍✨

  • CAN EVERYONE STFU?! don't hate on people's videos that you didn't make. if you don't like it, JUST DON'T WATCH IT. you don't put in the effort to make the video, edit it, and try to tiptoe around everyone who gets offended on anything and everything. SLnumber is supposed to be a creative place where creators have fun, so stop hating on him. TRY to make a video that's good. it's not your thing? DON'T CLICK. don't pretend ur speaking for the greater good and for the majority of people because he has 3.9 million followers so he must be doing something right. I'm not just speaking for Ryland, but for SLnumberrs as a whole. TRY to post a video every day and make "original content". SLnumber ideas and content are just trails of everything. grwm, diy, all that youtube content is a trail and chain from one idea. these comments actually get to people. what do you get from commenting bullshit? wait till you get a hate comment. check yourself. find something else to do.

  • can you please be more sustainable, its so bad for the environment

  • *idea* just tell the drive thru person to get you THEIR favorite order

  • The way he was holding the burger....I just wanted to eat it out of his hands 😂😭😢

  • 11:23 honestly the average person could do something like this. How is it that people are like "oh my god youre sooooo anoyying spending money all the tiime". Like these bitches do it do. Love ya Ryland.

  • Me when I get build literally can’t stick up for my self When Shane or Ryland or Shane and Ryland get build Me : you sure you want to say that to them 🔫 you sure

  • Ryland: I’m going to be so good today Also Ryland: gets in an out Shane at 3am: CaN yOu TaKe Me To ToCoBeLl That just popped in my head lol 😂

  • the haters are just jealous cause they all talk about money and bragging

  • please do more of these videos they are my faves

  • Ryland please stop caring what people think please Haters here to bother

  • I still can’t believe people were actually mad and hating over a person spending their OWN.... O W N money, on whatever they want...


  • yes i freaking love these kinds of videos and i love you

  • Ryland : I have a thing against onions Two second later lick his fingers with the onion on them So funny tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Y do i like watching people eat???

  • I hate when people talk with they're mouth full. Its disgusting

  • Anybody may 1st 2020 this is my favorite vid ever

  • I you posted this a while ago but I've been recently watching you. This was such a good video for me bc tonight I felt like I was gonna be eating dinner alone with my dogs (it also doesn't help that I've been depressed. anyway my point is thank you for this type of video bc even though you are just a person on the screen it felt like I wasn;t alone and eating with someone.

  • Gentle reminder: you don’t have to earn (workout to justify) your food.

  • My misophonia IS SHAKING

  • I’m literally sitting at my desk job watching SLnumber about to take a nap😅😂

  • Stop eating like that sorry i have misofobia

  • I stan a queen

  • I wish I was in America in England we are boring when it comes to fast foods. I wish we had in and out sooooooooo bad