Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal!

Objavljeno 23. jun. 2020
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  • Hope you enjoy today's video:))

  • So true abaout the mayo...👌🏼😜🤗

  • I love that the picture for the meal looks exactly how it does when you cook it. Blue Apron doesn't clickbait unlike the pictures of the burgers at McDonald's'.

  • The amount of times I've watched this video is unhealthy

  • Morgan is extra fucking funny in this one loll

  • Why does Morgan have a hard time doing literally anything? She struggled with how to use a can opener .. it's not cute lol ... I'm interested to see what guy would be interested in a girl who literally can't do a thing , can hardly complete a sentence

    • She has skills I’m concerned how tf is she gunna get a round the house without FALLING

    • why you gotta me salty lmao😭 just shows more about your character then it does hers😉

  • i need more of these videos

  • Subways is Dukes (the goat of mayo) mayonnaise. It's the best to cook with and bake with. Killa grilled cheeses too!😋💖

  • Cole Sprouse =#riverdale #jugheadjones #bughead

  • Poblano sauce oooouh

  • shane got u the apron for Christmas or something

  • I feel you Morgan. I'm the only fat one out of all my siblings. Its depressing

  • Subway Mayo do hit different

  • Made me really hungry, Ryland is a perfect house wife, lol!

  • Yes getting a sandwich made as opposed to making it myself somehow taste better! Mayo does seem different!

  • Why is no one concerned with the fact he left the skin on the onion ????

  • God... could Ryan be any more full of himself?!?

  • I'm really enjoying your cooking videos ❤🌹

  • I want the whole squad back.

  • Gays in aprons is brilliant

  • Lol at ryland cutting jalapeños with a bread knife

  • i have never heard shane this silent

  • Morgen and Ryland huged on the hunted ship.

  • Morgan looks good no cap

  • Grate Debate killed me 😂😂😂

  • :))

  • I agree with morgan the mayo from subway is the best

  • The people on here complaining cuz shane is so quiet are the same people that would be throwing a fit if he was giggling n making jokes.. "For not taking the situation seriously".. There's no pleasing society n this comment section shows that.

  • 🤣

  • Says has had constant cough.. shows bunch of mold quickly .. mold can cause a lot of issues Ryan .. throw that whole thing away

  • Good job, Cheeto! :)

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  • Subway mayo is bomb. It’s the powder packet u get from the g store and make it your own.

  • Morgan is ME. I am HER. WE are ONE. I felt this

  • I definitely agree with Morgan about Subway mayo its definitely different lol

  • When ryland said our dad isn't ur dad I feel he knows that for sure but maybe forgot that Morgan didn't know lol

  • i love ryland but sometimes he give me anxiety .... like an excited toddler but i live for it at the same time

  • "This is the closest we'll ever get to hugging. Everybody take a screenshot." 😂

  • Cin Cin

  • shane is being eerily quiet the entire video. like are you ok brother?

  • Lol Ryland cutting the vegetables with a bread knife 😂

  • can we talk about ryland using a bread knife to cut jalapeños 😂😂 i love him

  • M I L L S

  • I am here for Morgan's mayo stance.

  • More cooking please . I like

  • I miss Ryland’s cooking videos!!! They always make me soo happy

  • this should have been cooking while being drunk with my sister cause thats what it was

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  • I come here every now and then! Really makes my day!🌈♥️

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  • i like you videoed Ryland Adams

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  • When will shane ever get back on youtube I miss him

  • Another episode of Blue Gaypron with Ryland And Morgan.

  • Ryland: I want to be her when I grow up 🤩 Me: isn’t he already older😂🤔

  • Why is no one talking about how he didnt peal the first layer off the onion 😭

  • Lmfaoo that me and my family its that tough love lol

  • Subway mayo is awesome

  • I have no hope for this year I know it will be trash

  • i love these series just i wanna go through my screen and teach u how to cook. but u are getting better at it :))

  • Now it Time for "Cooking my Favorite MEal 2"

  • Lovvvvvvvve you both!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Same same same lol hahahaha 😂 😆 My family are just the same way. Lol

  • I like how he told Morgan to wash her hands after he wiped boogers at the back of his hand😂

  • Shane not eating any?


  • Actually ryland was more right with the word

  • You Do Not Put Oil Down The Sink !! Good lord smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • It’s Cole sprouse slo

  • !

  • Omg yes about the subway mayo. Fr it’s soooo good for no reason lol

  • whats the wine you drink?

  • Bro Morgan is like so pretty like uhh like If I was a guy I would slide up on the dms lol


  • The fact that he's using a bread knife triggers me

  • :)

  • they start cooking at 10 mins in

  • there are receive genes in genetics


  • 14:36 It's the crumbly voice for me

  • shane behind the camera 🤐😱😋👁👄👁

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  • You guys are so hilarious 😂 I wish I had family like you 🤣👏🏼❤️

  • I’m shook as to why people are still hung up on things from the past with Shane😂 he’s apologetic about something he did in the PAST! BEFORE he changed his channel quality. He is a totally different creator now and people are only following the crowd to hate on him.

    • Past Shane = last year lmao

    • @Nawal Aldandashi seriously, this new generation is too sensitive

    • @Josh Padilla the same people canceling him are the same people who watched and laughed at his videos years ago. People did the same with Jenna Marbles and we lost an OG great SLnumber; we are loosing so many creators

    • @Cheryl Wilson you are saying it’s about not letting influencers get away with what they want but this is shit from years ago and obviously he’s not doing that now. He’s learned, learn to grow up Cheryl

    • @Cheryl Wilson do you believe everything social media says before all sides of the story are said??? Ryland literally put out a podcast saying he doesn’t understand and he wished she would have clarified before posting. I definitely don’t think Shane should remain cancelled because every body is a human being and makes mistakes.

  • Never pans while you cook! You can clean surfaces and small wares but, never leave food unattended . Burnt to a crisp

  • Anyone else binge watching all of shane and rylands videos ... just me ok

  • you guys are literally my two personalities

  • 22:27 for all you fans that can’t get over Shane not being in this video

    • He looks like a corpse

  • Yes we all need a book about how to boil water

  • I watch these way to much

  • It sucks that a lot of y’all like to switch up on these people, yeah Shane has mistakes like any human being has mistakes. He apologized for what he did. To a lot a people, it’s unacceptable, but Shane was changing very day into a better person, like anyone would. He made videos for people to enjoy, helped many people, and now we see him like this. It’s utterly sad.

  • Me and Morgan are like the same person 😂

  • WHY R U USING A BREAD KNIFE AS A CHEF KNIFE?!! That is fucken cursed

  • The interesting thing is that I’m 16, 17 in January and I’m 1000x better then Ryland a cooking and baking. I would love to teach Ryland

  • Morgan isn't... Intelligent. Lol

  • "I stay loyal to things that i appreciate." -Morgan(talking about subway mayo) 2020

  • Lol I dont know how to chop something like this ... start with not chopping with a bread knife 🤣🤣🤣

  • Why the fuck is he using a bread knife to cut those peppers...... why!

  • Yes Ryland! You zested!!@

  • 18:52 sorry but that is actually me after Chipotle😔