My Bad Makeover Nightmare

Objavljeno 22. maj. 2019
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  • That board game is “backgammon”

  • Ryland is pretty dumb ngl

  • Shane's trying to be all bad, and the fan fell a part lmfao!!!

  • How weird is it that have been together for so long now!?

  • In case you want to know, Ryland. The way you say Swarovski is Swar (like swarm) Swar-ov-ski

  • I’m hoping that since I’m commenting on this video after it’s been up so long that you may actually read it so if you do PLEASE tell Shane that tons of his fans that still really support him and don’t give a flying *uck about the BS that happened and we miss him!!! I really enjoy your videos, but Shane is the reason I became a SLnumber junkie and his true, OG fans WANT HIM BACK!!!! I can’t imagine how it feels reading all the terrible shit people say online, but remember that shit comes from a small portion of the people that watch your videos and those people only say that shit because they’re miserable and they want to be keyboard warriors so they can try to make others hate theirselves but as much as they hate their lives and theirselves!! PLEASE COME BACK SHANE, we miss you!!!

  • I'm here for the RICH snippets!! AHHHH

  • Ryland is legit a self absorbed prat

  • Still to this day, Ryland being adamant about being right about truffles annoys me soooo much haha!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Yaw lol. They're not wrong..

  • 0:32 I live in Texas.. we ride cows and horses 🐄 🐎

  • Ryland: burping Shane: ignoring it me: looking at the comments trying to find someone that had a problem with this

  • Why dont they shave, cut hair, wax or work out? Why dont they dress well? :-)

  • Came back again in 2021 just to watch the truffle debate again 😂

  • who is still watching this in 2021 and also thought the snow-white balloon looked like a burrito at first.

  • Wish I had even 3% of the makeup Shane has,LOL

  • That brow tho...

  • I love rich haha this is errrthang

  • 👁️👁️ it's weird seeing shane but hey I'm here for Ryland

  • No bible? We're leaving " 🙊😂😂😂

  • Ryland is so stupid he literally thinks truffles and chocolate truffles are the same.

  • Wii Musiccc

  • "Helga was snatched" 🤣🤣🤣💯

  • The truffle situation....

  • Am I the only one who laughed my head off when Ryland popped open the champagne bottle in slow motion at 17:35😂😂 the way he screamed before it popped hahah

  • “No bible?” “Were Leaving” 💀💀💀💀

  • Did Ryland ever learn the difference between truffles?

  • Please tell me which hotel this was! I'd love to take my bf 🥰😄

    • I think it might be the Malibu Beach Inn because that one is near the pier, but I'm not 100% sure.

  • It looked good, except where it dipped down at the bridge of the nose.

  • that truffle argument pissed me off so much

  • Anyone watching this in 2020?

  • BRO DID ANYBODY CATCH THAT LMAOO ryland said “the hair LOSS medicine?!?!” and shane goes “HALO??” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 shane!!!!!

  • Ryland is such a dumb lad. He doesn't know the difference between two kinds of truffle. Omg. Idiot.

  • I love Susie cakes!!!!

  • ryland: **friend zones shane** shane: 'omg thats so cuteeee'

  • ♥️♥️

  • Every time I see how happy they are I realize how shitty my relationship is lmao

  • Ryland: I’m gonna google it and prove you wrong Also Ryland: *never googles it*

  • When you get dragged for not saying Swarovski right... Owh Ryland ignore them

  • I got so heated when Ryland was talking about truffles. How can someone be so sure but so so wrong at the same time

  • ryland: the view is so nice *shane in the background with his pants sliding down*

  • 3:54 “the beauty world worst “ fast foward to 2020 beauty guru Shane being cancelled

  • Did you know that La Croix is “The Cross” in french. And it’s pronounced ‘la crua’

  • I know I’m way late on this...but chocolate truffles are called truffles because they LOOK like truffles (the mushroom). You’re welcome 😉

  • For this being the beginning of Shane's beauty makeup journey, he did a good job on that eyebrow. I love that shane found something else hes passionate about.

  • I hope their wedding is still happening at some point because Ryland & Shane are really good together.

  • Yikes!

  • y’all- anyone here during shane’s scandal where BEFORE HE EVEN GOT INTO THE DRAMA was talking about how manipulative the drama community looks. tsk tsk tsk we all knew

  • I’d rather have ryland and shane as parents than my real parents.

  • After everything coming to light about Shane, are they still together?

    • @Krystal Raye well said! 💚

    • Nothings coming to light. It wasnt stuff he was hiding from people. It was stupid stuff he said on the internet that peiple dig up every few years.. but yes they are still together. Ryland just posted on his IG story of them on Shane's birthday celebrating 💚

  • Lolll Ryland saying the beauty community is so manipulative. Relevant 🤣

  • Honestly these guys warm my heart. They're just seriously so perfect together. They're great individuals as is but together..yeah these guys are life goals and not the money at all. Dont change for nothing shane and ryland!

  • 5:41 you can see the pig makeup bag and yes i know it is releced now but when uploaded it wasnt

  • Happy belated birthday from Toronto 🐱💕🇨🇦

  • It's my bff/gf's birthday when I'm watching this. btw there the same person

  • ryland I love your eyes I live

  • As a person that does there eyebrows every day that eyebrow wasn’t it sis 😂. (This isn’t a hateful comment I love Shane and ryland💖✨)

  • Why did I expect to see my own reflection on his FaceTime call when he faced his phone towards the camera 😂😂

  • I'm literally sitting here alone watching this at 4:24 pm contemplating having a drink. Did I mention I'm alone?!😒 Oh yes, I did

  • Honestly Andrew is so funny and adorable ❤️ and his laugh makes me smile his personality is so fun I don’t know how he doesn’t have a girlfriend but I do ship Andrew and Morgan 😶😂❤️

  • Honestly Andrew is so funny and adorable ❤️ and his laugh makes me smile his personality is so fun I don’t know how he doesn’t have a girlfriend but I do ship Andrew and Morgan 😶😂❤️

  • Did you boys shower this morning??? Just asking lol

  • Shane: your not supposed to look that close at makeup. Well if your good it doesn't matter 🤣🤣 that eyebrow is well... interesting.

    • Lol it wasn’t his color as Shane said plus he couldn’t shape his eyebrows and that’s how it grows

  • I strive to have a relationship like Shane and ryland like they’re so adorable it makes my heart so happy

  • I don’t know what’s I’m more shook about - Roland doesn’t get chocolate truffles or that I didn’t actually know Shane’s last name is yaw 😬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😳

  • 13:39 "Ooooohhh the views so nice" Shane's ass on the background.. lol

  • Omg Ryland I’m so late but I feel this way every birthday and it’s so hard to explain but you finally put it into words 🙏🏼

  • Andrew wtf went through your mind with those sprinkles

  • I'm getting shanna vibes from that eyebrow look

  • *them making a thumbnail* andrew "oh lovely, beautiful, oh idk.." has me dead asf

  • Omg when I just realized that Morgan and Andrew gave them a couples gift 😲🤩 yasssss we stan

  • Andrew is the slightly friendlier, human version of Cheeto (they're both adorable lmao)!!!!!!

  • Shane: wears a shirt with a hole Also Shane: have a balenciaga box Also Shane: have so many make ups Also Shane: have a big ass house Also Shane: have a golf cart He LITERALLY stole all of my dream

  • Mr and Mrs yaw. So Iconic PERIODT

  • “Happy birthday Ryland” while Shane eats his cake and Andrew eats his chips 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrew+Ryland+Shane those three are funny together 😂😂

  • So nobody going to mention how he said halo when rylands brother asked about him taking hair loss medication lolb

  • Shane is so cute when he gets happy to make Ryland happy:):)

  • I am so glad ryland googled it and proved himself wrong. There are no truffle mushrooms in truffle chocolates 💕

  • The fact ryland thinks mushroom truffles and chocolate truffles are the same is one leaving me shook. And secondly like making me question his knowledge.

  • Ryland: "Are we just gonna drink alone at 4:30?" Andrew: "Oh, what's everything, i'll do it." lmao an icon.

  • Sweet baby Ryland ... Shane is right ... 2 completely different truffles. Bless your heart ❤

  • Omg when Shane says “HALO?” When rylands brother asks him if he took hair loss pills😱😂😂😂

  • Happy Birthday Ryland.... Hope u have many more! 💕

  • I’m surprised that Shane didn’t make a joke about how the only thing on him that’s thin is his knuckle. That’s totally something that he would comment on so I’m very surprised. I love him though and think that he’s perfect. I hate that he puts himself down but humor seems to be his coping mechanism.

  • American Horror Story: Beauty Edition actually sounds really cool!

  • You dont challenge Shane's dessert knowledge

  • The best people are born in May. Im 15th May im so totally have Taurus traits plus I was born in the year of the tiger so no one stands a chance lol

  • I know I'm late but I'm dying laughing. You were worried about how you said Swarovski but not that you thought the 2 truffles are the same.

  • Such a Jessica Simpson moment, honestly she probs knows the diff. Shane is thinking he’s lucky Ryland is pretty 🙄❣️😘

  • Shane: I know it’s biii*wheeeeeze*

  • 17:25 - there’s so much going on between ryland and Andrew opening the champagne and Shane in the background struggling with the candles. 😂😂😂

  • when Ryland first time tries the truffle mushroom, he will see how wrong he was lolol

  • When ryland started singing while he was eating the chocolate strawberry I legit lost it. Anyone else??

  • Halo?

  • the truffle conversation has me up at night 🥺

  • 6:46 i mean it’s- phhhhhhh!!!!

  • Wasn’t you in the 1,000 dollar pizza vid with the truffle lol I love you guys can’t wait till this corona shelter to be raised so y’all can finally get married!!!!

  • " I love birthdays, well not MY birthday, but other peoples birthdays" MEEEEEEEEE

  • Shane: Ryland: Andrew: I thought it was like glue 😂😂