I Turned Our House into the Taco Bell Hotel

Objavljeno 23. avg. 2019
I hope you enjoyed the Ryland Bell lHotel :))

Shot by Hunter Moreno huntermoreno

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  • I will forever love this video!

  • I wish I had friends

  • Lol That black couple were so fighting on the way there. The gays picked up on that shit quit. They were probably fighting on the way there dudes like you got me parading around on Beverly Hills with all your gay friends and some of those guys can be aggressive and don't care whether you enjoyed it or not. He's low key about to choke the shit outta her.

  • When ur not sponsored but feel like u wanna LOL ( no offense ryland)

  • Shane opened the umbrella in the house which is believed to be bad luck, a year later he is probably one of the most controversial upriver every

  • Garett kind of reminds me of young gravy 😂👌♥️

  • I love how they let the cameraman take a break and enjoy the Ryland bell Hotel

  • When you have a pool party and all of your friends have body dysmorphia.

  • Omg Shane opened an umbrella indoors that’s why he was cancelled the bad luck from the umbrella god damn it

  • Emile and Drew are the most gorgeous people ever ❤️

  • 🤣

  • Drew: *gets on the counter and asks Shane to take a body shot from her belly button* Ryland: *immediately climbs the counter and takes off his shirt* ShaNe yOu hAVe tO tAkE tHe SHoT fRoM Me CauSE No oNE eLSe woULd.

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  • Opening that umbrella inside really did give him bad luck😂

  • 10 minutes in and I'm still waiting for the queen to show up

  • 24:20, what the fuck

  • 19:51 the faces that Shane is making is soo adorable!!!

  • The definition of true love is when Shane litterally licked hot sauce and alcohol off Ryland's chest

  • The natural snowplow repressingly smell because jeans arespectively watch astride a flowery castanet. onerous, adjoining sweatshirt

  • The Shane I miss 🥺🥺

  • Ryland you are the man I love you....

  • Time filmed: **July 16-18** Time uploaded: **August 23** Its the simply things in life that make me feel appreciated. That's a lot of editing

  • I love all of your videos too much lol I’ve watched this like 4 times now I miss everyone ❤️❤️

    • Also low key hope Shane’s been working on something but it’s ok if he’s not, just miss y’all. Loved your new video as well Ryland

  • I love all of your videos too much lol I’ve watched this like 4 times now I miss everyone ❤️❤️

  • lol shane

  • 4:52 did not age well

  • Morgan: how many people are coming? Ryland: like four ppl. Their backyard: 500 ppl

  • What does he mean on the budget of Jeffery ?

  • I'm shocked Shane was already rocking a Corona Mask wayy before the pandemic. Mind blowing!

  • Rylan is like a what to be soccer mom

  • The camera man be in the back : 👁💧👄👁👌🏼

  • Why is Garret me in every situation

  • My mum and dad were watching with me...

  • No, hes not getting paid

  • Larray and Brady gotta recreat 23:34 - 23:36

  • All I got to say is Ohhh~ PaRTy pArtY yeah

  • The fact that I’d pay good $ to stay at the Taco Bell hotel but have their room with all the space and balcony 😭

  • He should’ve gotten red orange and yellow balloons also anyone else here from 2021? No just me pk

  • come on 2020 lets do this *little did he know*

  • lol

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  • Morgan: I dont under-really-stand....

  • Ryland so irrelevant and salty

  • Shane: Come on 2020 let’s do this! 2020:

  • It took me a hot minute to realize that Shane Dawson’s real last name is yaw👀👀

  • Ok I’m sorry but I loooove the dj’s hair color

  • Come on 2020 let’s do this!! - Shane That didn’t age well

  • why is every one so damn attractive. fuck it pisses me off, lmao. love you guys all. fan of shane since he killed fred.

  • I looove how the olny black people we see are literally props being sexualized.

  • I thought I was the only one that's ever tasted streamers

  • The wrong sink repressingly smoke because bay electrophoretically want astride a icky meeting. fretful, unbiased lyocell

  • I just got broken up w and im finding your videos so comforting

  • okay but the conversation @19:19 predicted a lil too much i would say

  • I've tasted the streamers too when I was younger, I wonder if that's why we're so messed up 😂😂

  • super sad at how short this video is//:

  • Cali rapping: Garret twearking on Morgan: yasssss

  • i didnt realize how much i missed you guys till i started rewatching old videos.. hopefully, eventually, we'll see y'all together again

  • She forgot to put the lime in her mouth for that shot

  • Shane: Why people kill themselves in 2019. Ryland laughed: Yeah probably more than normal. Shane: Come on 2020 lets do this thing! Ouch! For months we worried about you dude. Just post something already.

  • Ohh that didn’t age well.... 19:32 Shane’s fault 2020 is an absolute wreck

  • Ryland climbed that wall like a Spider monkey! To hang some balloons!! That was cool! I would slid down broke my knee caps. 😂

  • "Come on 2020 let's do this" Little did he know.....

  • I would love to go but im a nobody

  • damn everytime i watch rylan morgan and shane and garett videos i wanna fucking eat even tho its not a mukbang

  • Shane: "Come on 2020" Future Me: ...little do u know

  • Ryland missed the chance to say “ to Yaw, Yaw no” like yeah no

  • I know I’m late to the party but I just wanted to say that like Morgan I have licked that paper decoration thing when I was a child she’s not the only one hahaha x

  • Shane opening an umbrella Inside is bad luck

  • 8:58 umm i have🥺

  • i love how Shane jumped right after ryland on to the float 25:10

  • 100% worth it

  • 19:52 lmao im crying

  • Shane people kill themselves in 2019 Ryland more than ever actually People in 2020..............

  • Maybe funwash “crash” can’t play Seattle darts 2020? Who else gotta get thru

  • "People kill themselves i 2019." "Probably more than ever" "Come on 2020 let's do this! Well that aged well.

  • Hunter replied to my comment once 😍

  • Ryland’s creativity is lacking. The Ryland bell hotel? Haha

  • Ryland, I know this is surprising but you’re not the centre of the planet. Why would they invite you again? You said yourself you’ve never declared you like them, you don’t even follow them. Other influencers really push their brand, you don’t. You’re not as important as you think you are my girl.

  • Oh has anyone noticed that this was the day Shane revealed the pallets and merch to everyone. The scene is at the end of episode 6.

  • What was that song playing at the end it was catchy 💙🧡💜💚❤

  • For a second I was like, why aren’t they wearing masks. Then I realized this was made a while ago lol.

  • This is sososo ghetto lol I love it!!

  • 15:04 the moment Shane’s career was cursed

  • Drew reminds me of V from shameless she is so gorgeous

  • who else thinks that garette and morgan would be a cute couple

  • um can this even be on youtube like um sis why

    • why wouldnt it be..

  • "come on 2020 lets do this" -Shane little does he know

  • I used to taste the streamers too glad I'm not the only weird one lol

  • Shane: "come on 2020" 2020: OKAY!!

  • Me: spend my sweet sixteen playing call of duty Also me: a fucking Taco Bell hotel was a option

  • *Yuri From Spiderman*

  • I want to see Shane in a swimsuit in the pool someday

  • Can anybody tell me how Ryland used the AirPods to record audio

  • I seriously don’t know why Morgan and garret are still single they are freakin perfect. Garret and so cool, kind, and funny and Morgan is so pretty, funny, and she is so nice.

  • Morgan: if your SLnumber career ever fails you can do this, but I’m not saying it will. Did Morgan predict the future💀

  • Anybody else think of the bell tell??

  • This is everything great job rayland

  • I love how the DJ just sitting there trying to hype up like 6 people.

  • i cant lie i could see garret and morgan being a decent couple

  • love lies