I Sold My G Wagon *Emotional*

Objavljeno 17. jul. 2019
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  • I hope you guys enjoy this video! Thanks to Arthur for getting me another car! follow him on snapchat @Art_m323 and thank you Catie Turner for letting me use your song at the end of this video to say goodbye to Daddy G --> slnumber.info/wiev/m2mtmJh8npOknNg/video.html Lastly, any name suggestions for the new car would be greatly appreciated! have a good week :)

  • the outro why am icrying thats the most beautiful song

  • this is so sadddd

  • What if 2020 will be crazier than 2019. That did not age that well. 🤣

  • You don't use ironic right.

  • 18:27 thats what she said

  • The motionless fur controversly kneel because substance revealingly match athwart a secretive geology. faint fair, proud bee

  • Your montage to say goodbye gave me goose bumps and I actually caught myself tearing up. So sweet.

  • Lol

  • I would NEVER allow that much garbage in a g wagon

  • Shane: " I guess I just don't care"..... "we're all gonna die. Ryland: laughs Shane: "that's it" Ahhhhh why did that just make my day hahaha and facts Shane factssss

  • 😱 OMG did ryland predict 2020 is a bad year, 3:00 conspiracy, "hello wassup you guys," HAHAHA

  • Wonder what the thing blurred out at 13:38 is?

  • That montage at the end got me in my feelings not gonna lie

  • First world problems at its finest

  • I hate that when Shane was talking about the pillow aka airbags for the car that ryland had to edit in the first episode of season 1 of escape the night where Shane “died”

  • Shane looks glowy and gorgeous 🥰

  • Momma G 😍

  • do you guys like melanie martinez

  • Every time I use honey it says I already have the best deals... 😭

  • 4:03

  • correct me when im wrong, but arthur is pretty cute😂

  • What a Queen 👑 omg @ Shane predicting the future.. woah

  • 3:30 YES RYLAND 2020 IS WORSE THAN 2019

  • Ryland just said, what if 2020 is crazier. lol

  • I'm not gonna lie, I cried at the end

  • Literally the dumbest video

  • Is it just me or is there a completely matte car next to the G Wagon at 19:56 I’ve never seen a car that looks like that before

  • Was that choking clip from his Smiley movie or whichever it's called?

  • I sold my g wagon for a g wagon

  • When you become so attached to a car it is hard/ emotional when you get a new one

  • moral of the story is it’s not the car. it’s the memories that were made in that car.


  • I kinda enjoy watching these SLnumberrs buy 6 figure cars without test driving it knowing that their financial world is about to drastically change. This is distasteful and just ick.

  • Can confirm that 2020 is crazier than 2019 🤣🤣

  • Did Shane really not know it had airbags? woweeeee

  • literally he sounds so privileged

  • lol I’m once again crying over this. It’s not even my car 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Shane looks nicer than a couple years ago! ❣️❣️❣️👬🏼👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨

  • I'm honestly really mad that Ryland didn't get this car for Morgan, because in the last video when Ryland went shopping for his car, Morgan said that she wanted a white one. You should have really gotten it for her :(

  • Wow that was fast it’s July 4, 2020 all of the images of the Shane and JS collaboration cosmetics are all fogged out of this video

  • Well he was right about the 2020

  • So, I watched this entire video and I'm definitely poor. 😭😂😂😂

  • Okay, but the car I want to be in love with right away... 😬 Poor Shane. 😂😭

  • Did I just watch a sad clip of a car and cry? What's happening to me? 😢😢

  • Does shane not know what an airbag is?


  • Blacks better as well

  • At least get a Range Rover. It’s cheaper but looks better and is better all around. But it’s your money and your decision so cool ig?

  • Why do you need a g wagon. If you’re gonna spend that much get a better car not get the same one but a lil updated? I don’t get. Why does everyone like that box wit wheels

  • Why?

  • shane’s skin is like poppin👌🏻👌🏻

  • We ARE all gonna die

  • Its Ringworm!

  • i know how you felt. i bought a house and its been 3 months of me struggling to make a decision whether to move to new neighborhood or not?

  • ok but shanes eyes are generally quite green, they used to be so blue but now they look really green?? whatever eye colour suits him tbh

  • This makes me feel like I'm emotionally attached to daddy G

  • Idk why but this made me sad

  • That was totally from tanas clothes it doesn’t matter if it didn’t touch your arm, stuff spreads. That’s impitigo

  • A car is making me cry-

  • so ryland used catie turner songs before shane’s series i-

  • Arthur's eyes are like.... WOW. so pretty. Good looking dude.

  • Shane "It swallows you up and you don't die" *Shows clip of Shane dying in etn* Editing is amazing 😍

  • For the honey sponsor Ryland should of said "Honey is so good we named our dog after it"

  • It fuckin confuses me why he was so concerned by the white when he could just get the outside painted if he disliked it to such an extreme sense

    • @Golden Eclipse oh chill. I still like him and Shane XD its just so stupid that he's concerned he "won't like the white one" like...its just a different color and if it was SUCH an issue then he could have it painted. Even someone who loves ryland can tell he was just being abit picky like "oh no my expensive dream car that im so fortunate to be able to afford is white. Oh no. Why me!" Its just...annoying

    • Why do you care what he’s concerned about 😑

  • i'm waiting for the 2020 tyler.

  • me sobing

  • This is honestly really sad

  • I honestly think he should’ve have waited to finish paying off the black g wagon and then getting himself the new one. Matte is everything. I love seeing people have vintage cars. Mercedes is never dull no matter what year it was built.

  • 20:51 damn your sister looks so pretty. 😊

  • '' so you don't die '' * insert shane who was the first one to die in escape the night* me: i do hope we wont die

  • r.i.p. Daddy G 😢 So many squad trips 😂

  • why did i almost cry watching this..

  • “Assuming anyone is watching” 3.5million views later😂

  • Ryland is the only person that can make us cry on youtube

  • Ryland: What if 2020 comes out and its crazier then 2019.. Rest of the Future world: Oh Ryland! It is crazier than rest of any years #Quarantine

  • "What if 2020 is crazier than 2019????" Rhyland...

  • princess g

  • Wait wait wait 2020 Tyler Shane oh no I wish you and Ryland the absolute best and I pray that you guys stay safe and healthy and you and your family and friends as well and your surrogate

  • Shane what were the gas mask for we didn’t know about the coronavirus yet..........................Conspiracy theory

  • Daddy g? Ummm u ok Roland?

  • When he said they look alike He probably felt so offended he said yea the beard 😂

  • Well yeah ryland 2020 turned out worst than 2019

  • The end made me emotional.

  • Anyone else watching during quarantine and so impressed at Shane's gas mask collection?

  • 11:50 Shane predicted the Coronavirus!

  • What is shanes desktop?? It looks so nice and I need a new one for college! please help, looks like a newer windows?

  • Shane your not the only one who likes a&w diet root beer

  • Does ryland still have this new car ?

  • 12:48 omg I live in West Covina I’m going to Mercedes ASAP

  • Why am i literally crying lol

  • Arthur is hot

  • Shane joined the Illuminati so that is why he bought all the masks early he knew it was coming ... lol.

  • I honestly don’t know why Shane acts like an asshole in every video of rylands, he’s so mean to ryland

  • Tana gave him ringworm lmaoo

  • The most happy thing about daddy g is that the blind girl drove daddy g I love you daddy g

  • Shane acting like all cars don’t have airbags 🤣

  • Shane had 100 gas masks in prep for coronavirus WOAH! SHOOK!

  • aw there should be a clip with molly driving the g wagon

  • Ryland:have i lost touch with reality? No...no way. Gets a g wagon delivered. Well.....maybe