Sewing a Suit for my Wedding

Objavljeno 25. feb. 2020
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  • I've always wanted to try sewing and after being rejected by many stylists for our wedding I took matters into my own hands :)) I hope you enjoy the video!

    • I know I’m super late but you the outfit reminds me of jimmy hendrix and I love it🖤

    • Just wannna say hi

    • Turned out a-mazing especially because this was your first attempt. 🙌❤

    • U did a very good job I love it

    • with Wendy just offered to sew you the harness :D

  • Fuckkkkk I rly want Rylands mentality in my life

  • Yooo it turned out soo good!! Especially since your a beginner omg i could neverrrrrr

  • I like this outfit

  • The trite kimberly summatively sigh because dugout normally buzz across a wry april. marvelous, soft beaver

  • I wouldn’t be able to wear this I have sensory issues because I am autistic and I feel like this would be too tight

  • Ryland: I want to make my wedding suit! 😄 Also Ryland: I've never sewn before. Good luck my dude :) (Very good for a first attempt btw)

  • Umm. I’m here. 11 months late thinking... was that Kody from sister wives?!

  • 250000 dollars for someone to pick clothes out for you that's insane

  • Hey what's up you guys and welcome back to Ryland's rachet salon

  • Finally. Respect towards sewing. I’ve been waiting forever for this


  • I thought Ryland would wear a suit with a train like a dress have in the back

  • 12:12💶

  • Ah Ryland I do like the suit very much but I enjoyed your dancing MUCH more

  • I’m honestly so proud of you for this being your first time sewing ever. This is a huge endeavor & I’m glad you didn’t give up

  • Very nice. Impressed u went from never using a sewing machine to making a whole suit. Very nice!

  • Ik im just a fan but i love sewing and have been in fashion shows with dresses ive designed. Id love to make stuff for you

  • That was a pretty good fit for his first time sewing. Like I COULD NOT.

  • I think the pants look amazing but the jacket is a little... questionable

  • ❤️👍

  • You should do what As/Is did when they made their own clothes so you have a mentor and see how much you improve! 👍

  • I'm impressed...

  • That suit looks awful lol

  • Omg! Why I am just now seeing that I have the same sewing machine😅💗

  • 😂find a seamstress in your area and work with them on a pattern! Can’t wait for the wedding!!!

  • so im reading comments that're saying Morgan was getting insults? Well, let me tell ya. I hope Morgan reads this bc she is DIVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE. She's so naturally beautiful and such a charismatic person :(( I can't believe people were dissing her, and it says a lor about them. She seems so kind i dont get how you could hate on such a beautiful spirit. This world is so damn cruel, and i hope she knows SO MANY people adore her and thinks shes splendid

  • I haven't even seen him sew yet, but when I started sewing I didn't have patternesbor anything and I did bad....soo it's probably not gonna go well for him and all of the silk would be hard for a beginner. I wish him luck and if he did good I'm proud if you.

  • I'm studying to be a fashion designer, and I know how hard it is to be hours working on a complete outfit. Also for your first time doing that kind of thing it looks amazing, you did an incredible job.

  • Girl, any legit tailor/seamstress can easily recreate your look with more refined touches. You've done 60% of the work already! 😙👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨💍💕

  • You people rock ,hope some day even i I'll #MaScribbleart , do like subscribe and share

  • Hire tanas stylist she would soooo make it happen

  • I dont gwt the jacket looks like its not done ...or SUMTHING?...


  • The Austin Powers music tho lol

  • U should literally hire jefree as ur stylist

    • As much as I love him he dresses like shit, you can’t think it’s good just because it’s plastered w Louie and Gucci everywhere lmao

  • garycool290

  • Why is that sooo good!? And on your first try too!!!

  • *ohmygods the sewing machine foot is killing me*

  • Good job Ryland.. as someone who sews it can be very difficult and requires a lot of math and patience!! Looks so good, you did awesome!!!

  • I give an 8 for the suit..and an A for effort..👍👍

  • Don’t do it. 🥺

  • i actually like this. it’s a good idea definitely your vibe

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    • How much salvia were you on bruh

    • I get Shane is evil, but ryland is a good happy person.

  • I want Ryland to be my mom....

  • Gosh i totally get the frustration when it comes to figuring out your sewing machine. Took me a while to find out that you can actually adjust the tension of your bottom bobbin. 🤣🤣🤣

  • is it just me or does anyone else love morgans ideas for new things to sell?

  • when I saw timothee

  • Can't you just contact a professional seamstress and provide the fabric? Can't see it costing you more than a couple hundred

  • Wow look at how unsupportive Shane is at Ryland here. Go girl, give us nothing!!!

  • That's quite nice, when is the wedding?

  • They didn’t appreciate you enough 🥺 I would stood up and carried tf outta you to our bedroom if I was Shane 😘

  • OMG Bernadette Banner could never!!!!!

  • Does he realize he’s...on SLnumber...

  • Who else instantly smiled when Shane came into frame

    • @vee yeah 😻

    • @Serenity Bennett yeah

    • @vee lolz we are ✨twinsies✨

    • @Serenity Bennett deadass same

    • Me even if he was cancelled at one point he basically raised me when my parents neglected me

  • omg everyone’s critiques were way too harsh i think the look is amazing!!! you did so well ryland 🥺 i love it!

  • Sooo you're actually gonna wear it on your wedding wow

  • I think your first sewing was cute. You put hard work. I think if you try one more time it would be good. 🧵

  • Omg when you showed two of my favorite actors : Timothee Chalamet and Darren Criss 😍✨They’re talented and their style is just amazing 😎

  • Amazing but you can like paint the seethrow shirt white so your future husband likes it 🤔

  • Sewing is so fun but SO frustrating! You did an amazing job for a first try!

  • Ewww

  • Ware is your ring

  • I hope u guys are doing okay ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ryland I could HELP you. You should have called me. I know how to sew. done it for years.

  • I think redo it. Like this was the first draft but seriously cute

  • 9:28 that's what she said 😗

  • This is so cute! Great job Ryland!

  • Anybody else here restreaming Ryland’s videos to make sure the family still gets their 💰??

  • I Know how to sew and I wouldn't have tried sewing a WHOLE SUIT let alone for A WEDDING!


  • Don't marry him

  • The amount of people that Stan ryland bc he’s a queen 😌🤚❤️ -->>>

  • Me screaming “put the foot down!!” The whole time he’s sewing lol cute Ryan also ur sis is a babe!

  • Omg I know I’m super late to the party but I really like your idea!!! There’s tons of talented artists who can make exactly what they see in pictures! And I’m sure if you reach out to them they would be ecstatic! Like this very talented girl on TicTok who made a replica of Ariana Grade’s Gala dress!!! Her @ is @officaialhambly

  • That little shimmy at the end is everything! Love you & the whole gang 🖤💋

  • nobody: morgan: a dReSs???

  • This makes me sad! He tried so hard and they went hard! He did great for never sewing ever in his life! Ryland you and I wish I could do something like this or even where to start, I would hire you Ryland!

  • Take your negativity and body shaming out of here. There is no place for it. Everyone is beautiful no matter what size and for the record, Morgan isn't fat. She's a beautiful human inside and out. If you don't have anything nice to say unless its supportive criticism about the video then don't say it

  • "Sew annoying " Literally my kind of joke😂 Got to love Andrew😂😂

  • Not bad Ryland! 🙂 Morgan is beautiful inside and out so whoever wants to say something negative and mean, just don't

  • Omg I realized that I haven’t watched this since I tried my own hand at sewing.(masks for COVID) I can soooo relate on the frustration of the stupid machine jamming. I would get anxiety just anticipating it jamming. 😅😬😭

  • I will tell you what kiddo, I would take five years off the end of my life if I could be as happy as you are for one month. You’re always happy God bless you

  • This is actually amazing

  • I like how he doesn’t give a shit what people think of him

  • Jojo really stole yalls balloon idea

  • Why not sew in your studio by the gym the Shayne has his Beauty room back

  • You did such a great job!!!

  • me waiting for the Morgan Adams ballon like 👁👄👁

  • @3:07 Was that Guy Pierce? If so girl..... green is NOT your colour!!!!

  • Tbh idk how morgan isn't taken

  • I never laughed so hard as watching this video. +he reveal was so funny. Shane's face said it all

  • i just seen timothiee chalamet I’m not ok

  • A tana and Trisha song? That would be iconic

  • Ryland !!!!you did so freaking good!!! You look adorable!!! I give you credit because everyone thinks it's so easy to use a sewing machine and follow a pattern, and its you go!!!!

  • love Cheeto just lurking in the background

  • No Bitch suit. Shave, Shiet, shower, yass. When are u gonna hitch the Bitch lol

  • my mum when i show her a meme 4:52

  • I work in a sewing factory. I love this video lol