I Wore Tana Mongeau’s Clothes for a Week!

Objavljeno 28. jun. 2019
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  • I had so much fun making this weeks video! I hope you guys enjoy it as well!!! I'm sorry it's 40 minutes i couldn't stop filming things !!

    • 💓😂

    • they should start being 40 minutes long lmao

    • Ryland Adams love this💖

    • I love long videos they cure my boredom

    • Ryland Adams bitch don’t be sorry!!

  • Someone tell me what hotel that is I need to stay there that’s so dope

  • whos here after she switched sides and become a snake

  • ryland vacuuming in high heel boots & a skirt is me

  • The people are staring bc you’re loud af, have a camera, etc. I’m sure they’re used to outfits like that in LA already lol

  • The “gothic look” is absolutely not gothic lol.

  • Morgan is so jealous of Ryland, she keeps saying that he's embarrassing or looking bad lol chill

  • Noone: Ryland: SICKENING

  • so weird watching this now

  • The woman at 33:12 giving you the stink eye

  • skyrimmods cosplay ffdp verlisify

  • I hate when Ryland shows him changing

  • The Moment rylan put on the wig reminded me of a scene from white chicks 😂😂

  • These videos are the reason I found out i was bisexual 2 years ago🤣 No but fr, these videos deadass gave me the confidence to come out as bi to my parents and I cant thank shane and ryland enough! Love to you both!🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙

  • Tana looks like tangled

  • Andrew’s laugh is 😖🔫

    • People really overreact nowadays. It's just a laugh. If you dont like it dont watch or skip whenever he laughs.

  • You can tell Shane fucked him after this

  • Me almost at the end off the video wondering if tana ever picked up those clothes. Also me nah probably not it’s tana where talking about

  • Absolutely loveeee the Friday outfit ! 💗 💎🥳

  • I miss you guys :(

  • I love watching Andrews reactions

  • When he just pulls his wig off is hilarious!

  • I'm supposed to be there at 4, AND ITS 4:02!! OMFG I CANT!!

  • On the first day Ryland looks like that one person at walmart!😂😂

  • 29:05 shane's laugh was sooooo CUUUUTEEEEE

    • Ikr! Usually he edits out his real laugh. He should keep it in

  • 18:40 He literally looks naked

  • cuz he has a cute face

  • ryland should just go full glam and shave his chest imo

  • oh

  • 16 16:18

  • My heart exploded watching Uno & Andrew. 😍 This had my dying. "I feel like superwoman, actually."

  • When he said his bother I thought of Shane 😂. Idk why I guess it’s because they are so close

  • i am currently asphyxiating at the midnight to ryland trying to hit a golf ball

  • this is the gayest video ever. AHHA

  • Absolutely not......

  • Andrew and Uno together though 🥺

  • I adore rylands confidence, he wears whatever, wherever like it’s so nice seeing him feel good about himself and not caring what others think. You’re the best xxx

  • So no one's going to talk about the uno and andrew moment?

  • I swear im really falling for Rylands channell his personallity just loving him lately because i can totally trust him not to change unlike me shane and JS lol i acaully love them allllllll!!!

  • Uno laying on Andrew is so wholesome

  • Everyone that doesn’t know them: this is about the gayest stuff ever

  • I've worn a crop top to class before and I was horrified and wanted nothing more than to just sit down with no more attention driven towards me... *HOW* does Ryland just casually do sh*t like this?? 😂

  • Shane is me walking around the house covered in a blanket 😂😂😂💞💞💞

  • Uno is me....all clingy and trying to kiss Andrew and he's like..."Ummm no. Get away" hahah

  • Ryland in the pink suit looks like Harry Styles

  • shane’s reaction to the first outfit is SENDING ME

  • I know it's such a little thing to point out but tana hugging and saying hi to the one friend so she wouldn't feel awkward. aw

  • I feel like these outfits would look sooooooo much better if you WAXED!!! Please!! No hate, I'm hairy also Lmao! But these outfits would look so much more sickening if you were hairless, especially legs and chest. 🙂👌

  • I love ryland doesn't care what people think

  • How to tell if ur gay Underwear:undies

  • Watching this in 2020 with Covid 19 and there’s NO CONCERTS HAPPENING lol

  • Ofc tana will come for Shane and ryland

  • rylan jumping in the pool has to be the funniest thing i’ve ever saw

  • Me sitting in 2020 and it's sponsored by seat geek😳🙄

  • Ryland is turning into David dobrik slowly starting with seat geek AND going to Vegas

  • Uno and Andrew are so cute 🥰

  • I love the confidence you have to be able to wear those outfits and to not care too much about what people think ❤️

  • “cmon Brock, you’re hitting like a pledge”

  • I loved Beetlejuice thickness

  • Did you just coincidentally upload this exactly one year later on the day of when Shane uploaded the first Tanacon video??

  • So that’s where he got that babe outfit

  • andrew and uno cuddling on the couch is literally one of the cutest things ill ever see

  • Rewatching during covid!!! But did anybody think the uno and andrew moment on the couch was the sweetest ever!?!? Omgggg picture perfect moment!!!!

  • Shane spraying Ryland in the pool had me dead

  • Wut is he blaring in the background at 10:07

  • Morgan really said “come on bruh, you’re hitting like a pledge”


  • 9:22 what about Andrew doe

  • when is this man gonna shave his chest her it will make his outfits so much better

  • Jared Leto lookalike :)

  • Shane's reactions to everything makes me die, lmao

  • Uno with Andrew so sweet


  • Is it just me or did Ryland put thongs on in the first frat party outfit

  • Omg the fact that Ryland is so comfortable going out in Tana's clothes says so much about him!! Ahh loving it tho!!!

  • Shane looked so happy when she said ”hi dad”

  • Tuesday is so Harry styles and I’m thriving for it the house

  • I'm pretty sure he still has her clothes til this day and it's . mother's day ,2020!

  • 24:23 Andrew and Uno give me life 😂💕

  • I Fu*kin love u guys LoL! The look u 3 have 😭😄😄

  • Whenever I watch these I always get an inspiration to dress better because I just wear sweaters but I have nice clothes


  • Uno cuddling with Andrew❤️🥺

  • I love that Tana said she’d be back to pick it up after they all doubted her and now rylands wearing her clothes for his TikToks how many months later😂

  • Uno and Andrew on the couch. 😍😍

  • I’m sure the pool chlorine ruined that striped suite.

  • Hmmm feeling Trevor Wallace vibes 😬😬😬

  • 28:52 why’d he go in the pool like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 23:47 Andrews laugh 😂😂

  • Ryland. Shave.

  • Andrew with uno is so cute

  • Little did ryland know, 10 months later he would still be wearing tanas clothes while he slays tiktok

    • Max Chenchar lol I noticed that too

  • When he snatched his own weave on the golf course😂

  • Ryland: wearing Tana Close Me: wearing a onesie

  • 15:25 Tana: no, I'll be back to pick my stuff up... I love you guys *10 months later* Ryland: I still have Tanas clothes *Makes tik toks with them*

  • Andrew and Uno 😍😍

  • Awhhhhh Uno loves Andrew 😭 23:58

  • I can't get over 6:32-6:36 Shane and Tana's bond is sooooo cute it makes me want to cry :')

  • Morgan just like "Common Brock your hitting like a pleb"

  • This Was Hilarious the golf 🏌️‍♀️ course 😂 You fit the clear outfit perfect beetlejuice realness 👌🏻