Cooking My Boyfriend A Meatless Meal!

Objavljeno 13. feb. 2020
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  • Morgan : have you ever seen anyone strain rice My brain : wait!!! How do you make biryani !!

  • That botox had your forehead SHINY

  • Morgan: * literally stabbed herself * Ryland: oMg U wAstEd a PepPer 😦

  • Morgan.. There is no point to life. Thats not how life works life is just an opportunity to find a point for yourself so yeah

  • U vegan bro? Loll

  • 20:45 she talking like a real gen z kid!

  • You Queens make me happy. 😊 Re-run day. Miss you Shane please come back soon. 🥰 Love you guy's ❤

  • It’s unreal how absolutely dumb and out of touch these people are.

  • Morgan: I didn't ask to be born Me: You kick when you ask to be born and that is asking to be born because you said I am ready and I will kick out come on let me out

  • The cruel judo distinctly gather because tabletop antenatally launch except a uptight hardboard. goofy, goofy linen

  • You can tell Morgan is desperate for a man, she tries so hard to look cute..

    • Your a hater👋🏾👉🏾🚪

  • This is like my 10th time watching this

  • Shane❤❤❤❤

  • I love the messenger watch me like season 1 2 or the new one I love new one

  • I love these videos so much - I watch them regularly

  • Me...

  • How dumb can someone be?🙄

  • You guys suck 😂😂😂 love it. I wish I could come cook in that kitchen for you guys it'd be amazing!

  • I also love coffee 🤤🤤☺️☺️❤️❤️

  • Ryland is so awesome I love how he has a morning coffee and dose yoga keep up with the hard work❤️❤️

  • "lets show you our extensive pan collection" Lemme jus become the pansexual rat in the drawer-

  • Salt doesn’t make water boil faster . It’s for seasoning . Jeez

  • god the sound of people eating and talking and going MMMMM makes me want to die

  • I dont know how many times ive rewatched this :( i miss this

  • Ok but why is Shane lokie jonah in jeffs barber Shop videos AHAHABAHA we stand

  • Burrito mode time

  • No joke this is my comfort video


  • Me if I was there: get out of the fu*king kitchen and let me cook! I’m the only one who know what their doing!

    • Honestly I would just be yelling at Shane to do something and Ryland to get out. And morgen to just sit down with Shane 😂

    • Btw I’m can actually cook

  • Lmfao the grammys are pointless just like everything in life... love you shane 💓💓💓

  • Love my homophobic europe ♥️🙏🏻

  • I’m sorry but Morgan is beautiful you know that kinda flawless Taylor swift has Morgan has that too ❤️❤️🥰

  • In my honest opinion you have to commit to it you can’t be less than 100%.80% doesn’t count if you eat meat then you can’t call yourself pescatarian,it’s like saying your vegan but you still eat meat and other animal products.Still loved the video though.

  • The salt makes it not to boil over

  • Hey Um my dad is the cook in our house and um the garlic gives it flavor so it can taste good if you need to cook a salmon in vapor just reply

  • Love how Morgan and Rylan were fan girling over celebrities and Shane is just like "START COOKING!!" Cause sameeee

  • “Hey Ariana sorry you didn’t win the Grammys here’s some goodies from the bottom” -Shane 😂😂

  • What happened to the onion ring🥲

  • Wheres garret

  • Hopefully you plan to recycle all that plastic and cardboard box.

  • See this furby after Jeffree´s car accident hits different

  • 1:18 he thought he was getting cancelled but he eventually did 😁

  • this video is one of my comfort videos

  • Can we please get a ryland and Paris collab tho 😍😍❤️

  • I have literally watched this video 8 times this year.....I miss shane man🥲

  • "OOAAWH MY GOD, the Quinoa is having issues!!!" 1.Same 2.I want that on a Shirt 😂 And I actually miss seeing Shane

  • boring

    • you watched through the whole thing. clearly you enjoyed it

  • i’m sorry to say it, but this is my comfort video

  • Who is watching old video to see Shane !!!

  • “There’s not a knife for cheese” Uhhh a cheese grater?😂

  • I love all of them😍😍so much

  • Vlogg celeberity, music, paint me crazy blue

  • I miss all of you

  • I miss these videos

  • Where’s the promo code

  • Lmao

  • You should Go to Bring man

  • Why is no one talking about the fact that they have a custom pig cutting board

  • 31:15 thats what she said

  • The itchy dirt totally meddle because mini-skirt perioperatively hurry under a determined gun. rare, gainful diving

  • Yay Shane ❤️

  • Bts tanked

  • YOU ARE a icon Shane, love you too Ryland, Morgan, lol. Y'all are my top 3

  • Some of us really, really miss you Shane!!

  • morgan: tells Ryland how to make quinoa Ryland: *does not measure water* (cuts back to when she said it absorbs) Me: She told you the right thing you just filed to measure it lmao

  • I miss you Shane

  • Making me hungry and I can’t get food because it’s 3am almost 4 😔😔😔😔

  • bts should’ve won a grammy too :)

  • I miss seeing Shane in videos too :( I hate that he was canceled

  • 9:59 “dont you know that the grammys are literally pointless just like everything in life?” yes shane, yes we do know the scammys are completely pointless and a complete scam 😔

  • Not gonna lie I think I wanna become Shane and Ryland's personal chef for free... Keep in mind I'm literally 13 and I can cook anything- 😃

  • This video is so random and chaotic I love it ❤️

  • 32:20 shane looks so depressed surrounded by family n friends. sad.

    • Bro wtf are you talking about? Like how can you interpret this kind of bullshit ?he was prolly just zooming out or staring at something

  • From this video it's apparently obvious who the smarter sibling is. Like it's so obvious Ryland was spoiled and Morgan has been through life!

  • I miss these

  • I fully understand what ryland said about the fun parent and lead parent. Cause my mom is the lead parent she goes to all my events, feeds me, and helps with homework. I barely even see my dad. I use to love my dad more cause he’s fun but now I’m 14 and I like my mom more cause I realized she gives up so much of her time for me. And that in life you need more than just some fun

  • Damn I miss this shit seriously

  • I, miss, Shane, so, much

  • At the end when he said he is on the masked singer I thought he would dress up as a pig not a turtle.😂😂😂

  • anyone here 2021

  • I miss videos like these 🥺

  • Always boil water with cold water 🙄😬 just fyi

  • The amount of times ryland said “iconic” is iconic 😂

  • The enormous file plausibly enter because copper concordingly taste like a scientific colony. needless, steady wish

  • I miss these videos

  • The tile photo is tarifiying

  • Ryland-It says add salt to the water *put the whole bottle of salt in the water Morgan-NO, NOt that Much Ryland-ReAlLyyyyyyyyyy

  • This is one of my favorite videos ever 🤣🤣

  • When he zests the lime, omg I lost it lmao

  • These are my favorite kind of videos Ryland 😢 I really miss them.

  • yes they’re cancelled rn but you can’t lie they’re funny

  • Oh man im gonna miss this!

  • Lol your receding hairline and that smile reminds me of the grinch bahahaha

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  • Wait is ryland Morgan’s older brother

  • He literally has the personality of a dead fish

  • Salt makes water boil faster????

    • @Marta Meira k

    • @Bo Moore are you kidding? 😂 Yes, it is!

    • @Marta Meira no?

    • @Bo Moore So what Morgan said is a myth :)

    • @Marta Meira yeah i meant higher, that was my bad

  • I just realzied im watching this exactly a year later

  • 1 year ago today.:)

  • We love and miss you Shane come back!