Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!

Objavljeno 11. jun. 2019
I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)
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Rich lux's Lipstick (we Love it so muchhh)

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  • that room turned out so good Ryland .... I hope that you ,Shane and Morgan are doing well ......

  • 2021 anyone?

  • Rutland should totally do a roomake over give away

  • I really miss Shane I love his SLnumber channel I feel like he is such in inspiration to me because even though all his hate he is still laughing and smiling and living his life😢❤️

  • I hurt my leg a few months ago, I have had some time to binge watch this channel as well as your family's other channels! I adore you so very much! So talented and ever so creative! Love what you do! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  • okay, but the Minecraft music... go off!

  • Cant wait to see you do more room makeovers Ryland! It would be good to show more of your research and thoughts process into it as well. I like the longer videso like this too.

  • Had watched this about a year ago & decided to watch it again.. wishing you & Morgan would flip a house together .. she too has some great ideas for rooms✨💜♥️

    • i totally agree its amazing

  • Does anyone have any idea where the skill painting is from

  • Girl bye.

  • the gold stripes were actually SO nice and classic French!

  • Ryland can you do my room next? lol

  • I think shane should still have ppl come over and do make up with him fuck all of the haters and drama seekers. Id watch it. Talk about things, life events, and it helps promote him and them. Hes apologized dozens of times ppl need to grow up and move on. Let him create and get back to work. Cant please everyone so dont try. #shanecomeback

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    • what😭💀

  • You guys are awesome much love from Michigan

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  • I still love Shane! People need to get over the old shit and move on!

  • Omg LMAO at the start when rylands talking in the back on a chair is Jeffries face on a pillow lol

  • Umm this room is everything! I love the makeover of the room and feel like it fits Shane's personality and very functional. Well done!!

  • Popped up on my feed so I figured I’d leave a comment: What was the point of this beautiful elaborate beauty room for, when he never did his makeup?

  • Instead of a man cave it’s a glam cave 😅

  • Ryland and Shane are both grotesque. I’m glad they are going down

  • I love Shane and Dylan's relationship. Rylan is so sweet to Shane and so loving to him..

  • me who has 10 lipsticks and been doing makeup for 7 months shane having 100+ LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAHHGABVG PLEASE you guys make me really happy tho

  • Ok but if Shane doesn’t do a makeup video for his coming back I don’t want it

  • sooooo you not in beauty but you get a FREE vanity mirror when normal struggling makeup channels and beauticians like ME have to pay over £1000 for even a mirror....WTAF ARE YOU

    • Because he has 4 million followers who will see? It’s advertising

  • What a waste of makeup... Shame neverrrrr wears makeup


  • I wonder what happened with all of Shane’s makeup, he clearly never wears any of it 💀

  • When u realize that he probably made this video so he can use the expenses as a tax write off 💀💀💀

  • i’ve been watching all these videos on repeat, i’ve been so sad and these videos been bringin me so much peace lml i miss them

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  • Am I the only one that has been watching Shane Dawson Morgan and Ryland for the past 3 1/2 hours or is that just me because if yes then I have a problem (I feel like it’s only been 5m lol)

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  • I miss this. 💜🖤

  • Ryland reminds me of my mom

  • ryland you are such a good fiance to work so hard to make the room beautiful for Shane. you did an awesome job. it's all gorgeous

  • Ryland you are giving me "House Wives of Calabasas" vibes right now. when you sprayed your face and then the way you walked at one point and then redoing the rooms and decorating. It's cute and I know decorating and making your home your own is really fun and stressful but in the end it's something to b really proud of

  • I can't believe Ryland did this himself in his downtime. He should be paid for his services! It's so professional level!

  • I love it but that one stripe of gold is killing my ocd 😭😭

  • This was like omggg the best beauty room in the world. Ryland I think u found another career. Decorating queen

  • If you went to 1916 if you were looking at this before the release he would’ve saw that Shane Dawson‘s lawn stuff was on the right side not blurred like the backpack and stuff like that

  • I keep watching old Videos.... Just to see Shane! Miss him so Much!

  • omg this is good stuff

  • still waiting for the beauty chanel shane. we know you worked hard learning it so dont be ashamed to share it ❤

  • 10:26 Anyone else notice that the billboard is the same billboard from the dolan twins video

  • Can we just take a moment and forget about the room for sec, and just say, How nice of Ryland is. He such a good Fiance!!

  • So is Ryland a visionary or what?!?😱💕

  • Wow you really wanted to see this commet It stoped you can go now Sike

  • Who’s watching this after the conspiracy pallet came out?

  • Cheeto is my favorite part he adds fancy love to the room. I love

  • I love when you do home redesign! You have a gift for it and I think thats what you should be doing. You just have an amazing passion for it❤

  • Ryland always mouth popping like shane but his is on purpose

  • The face Shane made when Morgan touched his brushes😂

  • Their youtube channels are still my comfort place no matter what happened

  • I didn’t notice how crooked Ryland’s teeth are......

  • Shane has a beauty room? Well then its not working. Someone took your money and gave you a become uglier room - you have been cheated!

  • Know that beat up little whatever it was bear that you said it was you that's granny here. Read my next message maybe you'll feel sorry for me. LOL

  • Can I have some of your old makeup Shane Granny from Kentucky barely has anyting.? If you love me you'll send me some. Watch him say one year later yes granny what's your address lol. Love you both anyway whether I get it or not. Take care stay safe God bless

  • r-r-r ROLL 💨 up ⬆️ to the party 🎉 with my crazy 🤪 pink 💕 wig 💇🏻‍♀️ but i can’t 😳 get through 🐷the door 🚪 because ☺️my booty’s🧍🏻‍♀️ too big 🥵🤤 one 🤪percent is ✨human 🧍🏻‍♀️ ninety-nine 💯 is plastic 💉 just 😳a sec ⏰ i gotta fix 💉 my lips 👄

  • I would have a field day organising all of those products 😂

  • I miss Shane I really want him to come back.

  • I hate how shane genuinely loved makeup and the art behind it and I feel like with everything that happened it just killed his passion for makeup, or at the very least he's ashamed of it now somehow because of the industry or things he did in the past. People suck.

    • Agreed.

    • I completely agree! I honestly feel so bad for him

    • i know right :/ ppl literally crushed him

    • People dragging youtubers all the time but act like they have never said something fucked up no one is perfect!



  • Me: only has one 2 chap sticks and 1 lip stick Shane: has like 5 drawers full of lip sticks and chap sticks

  • 19:13 can see the pink pig backpack he previously blurred

  • 26:00 Morgan : we can actually live here for at least a day Also Morgan:😏😏

  • Love all the comments from just months ago saying how great Ryland is and now people are hating on him for *gasp* supporting his fiancé

  • Ryland should be a house/room designer 😂😌

  • August 2020 Ryland, I looove ALL your make-over videos! 💜 Keep rocking!!! 👌👏👍

  • Omg this is the beauty room of my dreams!!! Even more reasons I am jealous of Shane!!! How sweet is Ryland for doing this!!!

  • You should be an interior designer

  • Ryland says utilize at least 2 times in every video lol I love it

  • absolutely love this need more room renos please love them soooo much

  • Why did I only notice the smell of my candle nearby after ryland sniffed his perfume lmao

  • Shane has accumulated more makeup in a month than I’ve ever had in my whole life 😐

  • My fav crew

  • 2:41 I can’t with Shane’s smile 🤣🤣😂❤️

  • I love that Andrew isn’t just their cameraman, he’s their friend that they love just as much. This video shows that completely, that take his suggestions, put him in the video, talk to him, if he was just merely their cameraman, they wouldn’t even let him talk, let alone be in the video

  • Imagine How much all that makeup cost 😬😶

  • 1400 I'm takin kiwi for the men n goin to m'jeffery now good luck with the queens Mary n Elizabeth's well that sound mean we out of time. Tappertappitytap ? Could I prove it SNOWED? in the jakefight pit yeah coming Jeffery don't SLIME

  • but 2min mark im nervous too I can't find the jakepaulremixchallenge hashtag on Google and thats all I'm duhin until m'jeffery n I get to see why I'm 5 rounds or afk bye Regis

  • all firesidechat stuff aside who demonotize and defend h4-1 host angrier joe

  • You should spend 24 hours in Shane’s Beauty room

  • I miss this 🥺

  • Shane when you want to get rid of some I’ll send you my addy

  • This kinda makes me sad 😢

  • i find morgan anoying

  • I thank that his a girl

    • That’s Ryland’s sister ...

  • Rylands spirit fingers through out the whole video😂😂

  • Shane: .. Ryland: .. Andrew: .. Morgan: we can live here for a day

  • So what happens to this room now?

  • Shane a makeup Guru ..There Is a saying "stick to what you know "unbelievable.

  • I guess this beauty room has become redundant now

  • Shane shoulddd soo do loved and dislikes of his makeup 😍

  • I WAS THE 432K LIKE!!!!!

  • Pov your making a tiktok about ships noone cares about but i care about aNDREW AND MORGANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • Love Ryland! i've been binge watching whilst i get the cleaning done.

  • Can't belive that Shanes obssesion (aka hobby) started more than a year ago. It feels like 1 and a half months ago and not 1 and a half years ago.

  • Okay but like why did this make me want to actually grow up and like decorate my own house..-